Incorrect calculation for the SLO in TrueSight for the last month

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Analytics Engine


    TrueSight SLO 10.x, 11.x


    How is the monthly SLO value calculated in TrueSIght? 
    For example - The total calculation of the SLO for the past month shows 99.86% but of the 6 components one has 99.87% and the rest show 100%: so  using this calculation, we are not getting the SLO value expected

    This is the result shown in SLO = 99.86%  why?


    The monthly calculation of SLA will consider the history as well.

    So, if the current month value is coming as 99.99  and assume the previous month/earlier value was 99.71  then the current month Compliance shows as averaged with previous month, which is 99.85.
    It’s not the straight forward value of current month values. So this is why there is a difference in the straight average value you are seeing versus what SLO is calculating using the previous months data as well.

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