CMF MONITOR and Mobile Workload Pricing Support

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    What version of CMF MONITOR supports the RMF enhancements provided with IBM APAR OA48466?


    Mobile Workload Pricing support was implemented in CMF MONITOR version 6.1.00.  Below is a list of enhancements in the new version:

    • CMF MONITOR produces type 70-1 SMF records that are fully compatible with the requirements of the IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT).  The WORKLOAD statement controls the WLMS sampler, which produces SMF type 72-3 records.
    • To support Mobile Workload Pricing, the SMF CPU 70-1 and WLM 72-3 records for z/OS 2.1 or later were updated to report                  
                   - Rolling 4-hour Average due to Mobile workload                      
                   - CPU consumption of Mobile workload                 
    • The WLMLG report was modified to add two lines following the 'Detail Section' report (displayed below with compressed spacing to fix 72 characters):                                                                  
                   TRANSACTION APPL%:   TOTAL:  CP x   ZAAP/ZIIPonCP  x   ZAAP/ZIIP x      
                                                              MOBILE: CP x   ZAAP/ZIIPonCP x   ZAAP/ZIIP x    
    • The Analyzer TABULAR Report was enhanced for APAR OA48466 exploitation.  18 CMF Analyzer TABULAR Mobile Workload Pricing measures were added:     
        - TCPSRVU         - TCPSEC         - TCPAPPL                         
        - TSPSRVU         - TSPSEC         - TSPAPPL                         
        - TOCPSRVU      - TOCPSEC       - TOCPAPPL                        
        - MCPSRVU        - MCPSEC         - MCPAPPL                         
        - MSPSRVU        - MSPSEC         - MSPAPPL                         
        - MOCPSRVU     - MOCPSEC      - MOCPAPPL             
    • The CMF Analyzer TABULAR Report was enhanced for APAR OA48466 exploitation. 3 CMF Analyzer TABULAR type 70-1 measures were added:           
        - MOBLMSU                                                  
        - CATALMSU                                                 
        - CATBLMSU           
    If you are running CMF MONITOR version 6.0, then you will need PTFs   BQM1245 and   BQM1257


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