Developer Studio Extension to get rid of _c from Form Fields

Version 3

    Hi Folks,


    somehow i got attention of the Community Idee "Developer Studio - __c suffix removal " and wrote a BMC Developer Studio Plugin.

    I shared my thoughts and Marek Ceizel as well asLJ LongWing ask me to puplish it.


    Here it is.... (to install the plugin, put it in the Developers Studio "plugins" folder, ps: you need write permissions on the entire folder structure;-))


    How does is work:

    1) you must use BMC Developer Studio's "Best Practice Customization" mode

    2) right click on a "Custom" or "Overlay" Form

    3) select "Remove __c Suffix from Field Names..." or "Remove __c Suffix from View Names..."

    4) all fields with an __c suffix get stripped-down



    This Plugin is developed with AR API 9.1 Build 001 and Oracle JRE 1.8.0_121 and should work if you use BMC Developer Studio > 9.1.0. There is no Support, put you could add a comment here ;-)



         12/2018     -     Version 1.0.0     initial version

         01/2019     -     Version 1.1.0     "Remove __c Suffix from View Names"