BSA/TSSA: NSH Proxy Service cannot accept new connections, shows as unavailable in Infrastructure Manager

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BSA 8.9.01 and below


    The NSH Proxy server enters into an unavailable state and exhibits one or more of the following behaviors:

    In the application server log you see the message:

    [20 Nov 2018 20:23:11,635] [Accept-Nsh-Proxy-Thread] [WARN] [::] [Appserver] Cannot accept new connections. The appserver has reached its maximum connection limit.
    However, when you look at a recent Memory Monitor status line in the same log file just before this error you see few or no NSH Proxy Threads in use: 
    [20 Nov 2018 20:22:25,420] [Scheduled-System-Tasks-Thread-7] [INFO] [System:System:] [Memory Monitor] Total JVM (B): 2431647744,Free JVM (B): 2099314568,Used JVM (B): 332333176,VSize (B): 9732476928,RSS (B): 2951933952,Used File Descriptors: 302,   Used Work Item Threads: 0/100,Used NSH Proxy Threads: 0/50,Used Client Connections: 0/300,DB Client-Connection-Pool: 0/0/0/200/150/50,DB Job-Connection-Pool: 1/1/0/200/150/50,DB General-Connection-Pool: 2/2/0/200/150/50
    If you see all of the NSH Proxy Threads in use and the below behaviors are not observed the problem may be that you are actually running out of NSH Proxy connections due to actual usage and need to adjust the   MaxNshProxyThreads and   MaxNshProxyContexts in   blasadmin to handle the increased usage. 

    When you load the Infrastructure Manager panel in the GUI and navigate to the NSHProxyConnectService you see no output: 
    User-added image
    as opposed to the expected output: 
    User-added image
    Alternatively, under the   Hosts connected to the application server section you see several entries with   Unknown in the   Host column. 

    Restarting the application server service resolves all of the above issues. 



    This is defect QM002330068 fixed in 8.9.02 and later where the application server is not properly releasing NSH Proxy connections and after some time all available connections (NshProxyContexts) are consumed.  

    The session build up may be exacerbated by monitoring agents or load balancers doing service health checks or security tools such as Qualys or Nessus performing security scans against the NSH Proxy port.


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