BSA: blpackages with 100 or more external commands show Access Denied error on item 100 and higher

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    BladeLogic Server Automation - Configuration Module


    BladeLogic Server Automation


    While deploying a BlPackage that contains more that 100 external commands you see the following error in the bldeploy log:


    01/09/19 09:33:59.148 DEBUG    bldeploy - [100][CMD] exeFullPath = (null), CmdLine = "C:\temp\stage\c8a73881f5f530f4b8010a0cc61521cd\bldeploycmd.100.bat", workingDir = NULL 01/09/19 09:33:59.180 ERROR    bldeploy - [100][CMD] Unable to run (null).  CreateProcessW failed. Ret: 5 Access is denied.
    For items 100 and higher. 



    This may be caused by an anti-virus or host intrusion protection agent running on the system configured to block files with multiple file extensions from running.  In this case the bldeploy is trying to run a file named bldeploycmd.100.bat.  The double file extensions are the problem.  Previous items will not trigger the problem as they follow the pattern name.xx.yyy and the xx is not seen as a file extension component.

    The particular rule name may vary for the A/V or HIPs solution you are using.  For example McAfee calls this Suspicious Double File Execution: KB88143.

    Either reduce the number of external commands in the blpackage or configure an exemption in the A/V or HIPs system.

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