Track-It! 2018: Instructions for accessing the Track-It Client Management console

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    Track-It! 2018.03


    How to access the Track-It 2018 Client Management console?



    It is rare that a Track-It! 201x customer will need to access the Track-It! Client Management console but there are some circumstances where this access is required. The most likely reasons the Client Management Console might need to be accessed are to configure things like:

    • Splitting up discovery scanning across multiple systems to lesson server load in extremely large distributed environments.
    • Providing Remote Control capabilities to “Internet Connected” computers that are not on the company network. This usually entails creating a “Relay Agent”.
    • Using advanced features available in Track-It! Client Management such as Patch Management, Software Deployment, Compliance or MDM.

    To access the Client Management console after the installation of Track-It 201x, assuming you elected to install Track-It Client Management component during installation, you will need to navigate to the Track-It! Client Management Console download page on your Track-It! Client Management server.


    1.    Point your browser to https://<ti_cm_server name>:1611/console

    • You may see a message about an untrusted site but it is safe to proceed to the page

    2.    If Java is already installed on the system you are using, select the orange CM nearest the top of the page

    • If Java is not installed, we have provided links to download the appropriate Java version for your system. After installing Java, repeat the step 2 above.
    • If you are installing the console on a system other than the Track-It! Client Management server, you will need to install the Track-It! Client Management Java Security Certificate to that system after following the first two steps.

    3.    Once you launch the Java Console, a login screen should appear

    • Change the Server Name to point to the appropriate Track-It! Client Management server. The console port remains unchanged at “1611”

    4.    If not already present in the User Name field, enter “admin” (lowercase)


    5.    If you have been provided the default password, enter it and click Login

    • You may need to contact support to obtain this password.

    6.    The Console window should now be present.  It will not have anything beyond the basic functionality needed by Track-It. In order to add the additional tools needed to create a Relay Agent you will need to import the standard objects.

    • To do this, from the Menu Bar at the top select Tools>Import Out-of-the-Box Objects
    • This will only enable those features for which you are licensed

    For more information about supporting Internet Connected devices, refer to the BMC Client Management documentation for help in creating a Relay Agent or search BMC Communities for information about supporting Internet Connected devices.


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