Support for SRD Actions in Smart IT

Version 9
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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    All version of Smart IT


    When you create a service request via smart recorder it would be very helpful if the configured Actions will be supported in Smart-IT as well.


    Enhancement request


    There is already an IDEA created for the same -

    Also currently this functionality is not supported in SMART IT as per the below documentation -

    Customer can hide SRDs templates with actions in Smart Recoder.

    Parameter value

    Default - True


    This parameter is not available as an out-of-the-box parameter in Smart IT. You can configure it in the CCS.

    Smart IT does not support Service Request Definition (SRD) with Action. If you specify the value of this parameter to True, the system disables the display of SRDs that use actions so such SRDs are not displayed in the Smart Recorder.

    If you specify the value of this parameter to False, the system enables the display of SRDs that use actions. Because Smart IT does not support SRD that use actions, the actions will not be available for such SRDs in Smart IT.


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