Remedy - Server - Multiple License Report files getting generated 1805

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    We can see the LicenseReport.txt file is getting generated newly every 45 mins , but I can see the time frame in epoch format is getting appended to the file.

    In general the same file gets updated after every 45 minutes but in this case we see new file each time.


    Defect SW00552676


    Though this is a defect you can still check following below steps which may help.

    1. Check in AR System License Report form.
    - Ensure there are the entries of server which belong to the environment. Should not have any unwanted entry. If unwanted records are found , please remove those.
    - Ensure the each server reference contains only a single attachment of LicenseReport.txt file if there are many , please remove those.

    2. Also please try to stop a remedy service , take a backup of License Report.txt and perform a restart of a service. Check if we still see multiple files getting generated.

    If above steps do not work then it confirms a defect. This is defect observed in Remedy 18.05 version.

    This issue is fixed in Remedy version 18.05 Patch 05 latest hotfix.

    Please reachout to BMC support for respective hotfix.

    This is fixed in Remedy 18.08 so if possible you can upgrade.

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