"ARERR [9430] Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting" Accessing SmartReporting From Mid-Tier

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


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    • Some users are not able access smart reporting application when cross launching from Mid-Tier.
               Below error is observed: 
               ARERR [9430] Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting, Please see your administrator.
               Here are the probable reasons for this failure
              1. Smart Reporting onboarding is not done.
              2. MidTier is not configured for Smart Reporting.
              3. User does not exist in Smart Reporting Server, wait for User Sync Job to run.
              4. Smart Reporting Server is not running.



    User ID was changed in SmartReporting user profile.



    • When a user gets created in Smart Reporting, the User ID is assigned to the Client Org. 
    • @Clientorg is required for the User ID to be able to access SmartReporting.
      Example: User ID in AR System is appadmin. Same User ID is created as appadmin@calbroservices. "calbroservices" is the customer name given during the onboarding.  
    • It is must to have userid@clientorg to authenticate to Smart Reporting. Otherwise Mid-tier does not authenticate the user. 


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