The silent install of TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Agent fails with "TrueSight Capacity Optimization user does not exist" in /tmp/BPA_install_log.txt

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    A silent installation to install the TrueSight Capacity Agent was run as root user was ending without any messages in the console, but there was no directory for the installation created.


    User defined in silent installation file was not created before the installer


    1. Take a look to the /tmp/BPA_install_log.txt and search for errors or messages marked with  SEVERE.

    2. The log message which describes the problem is:


    SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.bpa.bpaUserConfigurationUnixInputValidationTask,   LOG EVENT {Description=[INCORRECT_BPA_USER[String:TrueSight Capacity Optimization]],Detail=[TrueSight Capacity Optimization user does not exist]}

    3. When running the installer as root, you need to create the user defined in the installation file under the BPA_USER option before running the installer.
        Consider as well to create the group which is defined as  BPA_USER_GROUP in the silent installation file, the default BPA_USER and BPA_GROUP is perform.




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