UIE - How to download the latest Universal Information Exchange (UIE) patch from the BMC EPD site.

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    BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes


    BMC Performance Analyzer for Mainframes


    What are the steps required to find and download the latest UIE patch?


    Below are the steps to find and download the latest UIE patch from the BMC EPD site:

    1.  From the BMC Support Central site -  www.bmc.com/support/support-central.html  - login with your BMC support id and select Product Downloads.

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    2.  On the Export Compliance And Access Terms page fill in the requested information and then click the Continue button.

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    3.  From the Component View screen if you are licensed for Capacity Management for Mainframes you should see the BMC Performance Analyzer for Mainframes product component listed.  Click on that link

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    4.  The Products page will be displayed.  This is where you would download the full version (updated with the latest cumulative patches) of the UIE product.  Click on the Patches button for the patch install. 

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    5.  To download the Patch Update install files click on the UIE 1.9.10 - Patch ## - Patch Update link.

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    6.  Install instructions and the Patch Release notes are included in the Patch Update zip file.

    **Note**  Some UIE patch versions require Visualizer and CDB to be upgraded and the dbmigrate utility run as well.  Check the Patch Release notes for more information. 

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