License count suddenly dropped

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    All customer who are on 1.6 SmartIT build 112


    After applying latest build for SmartIT 1.6.005, build 112 User noticed sudden drop of licence usage (floating)


    This package ewas for on prem not for RaaS. You can consume but you need to rename all providers.

    This was observed on the latest version as well and fixed

    Smart IT 18.05.06 :                        SW00552531
    Smart IT 18.08.01  :                       SW00552530
    Smart IT 19.02       :                       SW00551575  :SW00551069

    Note: This hotfix must be applied on top of Smart IT HF version below:
    To check, go to this url \\[smartithost]\ux\rest\version


    Defect Fixed:
    SW00551178* - AR User License d

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