Message "BBMXBD15I There is no data that satisfies your request" when invoking View ALLSESS

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    MainView for IP


    MainView for IP 3.6


    View ALLSESS in MainView for IP is intended to show all VTAM-sessions. However, although everything looks configured correct and the "SAW ACB Status" in View MVIPSAWD is "Open/Active" only messages 

    BBMXBD15I There is no data that satisfies your request 
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    are shown when View ALLSESS is invoked. What might be the reason for?


    Please check out view SAWFILTR if any filter is shown there, beside the "dummy" (example)

    CMD                       Keep Log              
    --- Primary    Secondary  PIU  PIU   SAW   Order
        DummyPLU   DummySLU      7 No    Yes       1

    If there are filters specified remove them, as the SAW Filters view allows to define filters to be used for the VTAM sessions.
    Having inappropriate filters set may cause nothing is displayed on view ALLSESS

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