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    We have the following scenario: current environment DWP 1802 along with Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 and we want to upgrade only DWP to 1805 on a fresh new architecture. 
    The question is how can we uninstall or make DWP 1802 basic on the old architecture, and remain only with Smart IT? 
    Old cluster: DWP 1802 and Smart IT 2.0 

    New Architecture: 
    - old cluster should remain only with Smart IT 2.0 
    - new cluster should have only DWP 1805 


    -Run installer in upgrade mode on primary server in the current environment 
    -Select the option to upgrade only DWP and move DWP Business and System Schema to new RDBMS 
    -Migrate DWP mongo data to DWP RDBMS 
    -Provision new systems for 18.05 DWP cluster (say 4 new nodes for new DWP cluster) 
    -Run 18.05 installer, select adding node to existing cluster on all 4 nodes 
    -Update dwp-connect.properties values from the primary server (from the current environment) to one of the 4 servers to promote it as new primary server 
    -Disable DWP from the current primary server. 

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