Upon logout, Smart IT goes to /ux/atssologout.html which does not exist

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    We have integrated Smart IT with Remedy SSO however when logging out, user is redirected to the page /ux/atssologout.html which is not present.

    How can we fix this?

    Smart IT 1.5.01


    Incorrect/incomplete configuration


    Follow below steps to configure Smart IT relevant Logout URL into your RSSO:
    1.    Login into your RSSO Admin console. For instance, http://<servername>:8080/rsso/admin/#/
    2.    Under "Realms" section, Edit the entry for *.
    3.    In the field "After Logout URL" provide the URL of your Smart IT. For instance, http://<servername>:9000/ux/smart-it/
    4.    Save the change & test the issue.

    In case above information does not help, you need to ensure that other configuration documented below is correct (Point no. 5):

    So you need to ensure that "rsso-agent.properties" file has below configured:

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