Discovery:  [error] Misconfiguration of certificate's CN and virtual name. The certificate CN has . We expected as virtual name.

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    HTTPS mode isn't working after importing a custom certificate, and an error similar to the one below appears in the logs:


    [Fri May 05 13:48:50 2017] [error] Misconfiguration of certificate's CN and virtual name. The certificate CN has XXX. We expected localhost4.localdomain4 as virtual name.


    As a result, HTTPS is not working and has to be disabled.



    The parameter "ServerName" is set to in the httpd.conf file, even though the certificate was generated for the ServerName (which is probably the real hostname of the appliance).


    There are two possible solutions for this issue:

    1)  The Certificate was not properly generated.
    Regenerate the certificate to match the value in the field "ServerName=" of the server httpd.conf file.

    2)  Update ServerName to the proper value.
    It is possible that the ServerName is set to "localhost4.localdomain4", but the real hostname of the appliance is The certificate may have been issued for
    To solve this:
    - Save the httpd.conf file.
    - Edit it and set "ServerName=" to "" (replacing with the proper hostname for this appliance/your certificate)
    - Edit /etc/hosts and make sure it's set to match this "new" ServerName
    - Restart httpd or reload its configuration.

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