Direct URL to REQ does not work in DigitalWorkPlace (MyIT)

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    We are creating a URL to directly see the content of a REQ.
    We have tested it as below and see challenges it does not display the details of te request.

    We are introducing a URL like this:

    We are using the Request Number to pass into the URL


    Passing the Request ID will not work.
    You will need to Pass the Instance ID of the request.

    Here is what you need to do,

    >> Open the Reqeust in SRM:Request form and run a report to find the InstanceId of this request.
    >> Once InstanceId is found pass that instance ID in the URL example like below,

    till version 18.11 -

    from version 1902 onward -

    where in above URLs, InstanceId of the request is SRGAA5V0FH33KAPHUNLFPGYA9QUTZN and resourceID (instanceId) is SRGA49C8EC2GCAPNMZP5PMPSQR8PPW resp.

    NOTE: Please do not get confused with SRDInstaceID and InstanceID we need the InstanceID and not the SRDInstaceID.

    For SRM SRD URL from DWP from 18.05 version onwards.

    http://<DWP Server >:Port/dwp/app/#/profile?srdId=<SRD ID> 

    >> You can get he SRD ID from DWP Database from the table [DWP].[DWP_Business].[SRD_INFO], column External_ SRD_ID. 

    Please note : If you try to mimic the DWP deep link URL to open Approval from DWP,  the link will not work. Also, you need to be the request submitter only to open DWP deep link URL for REQ#.


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