Still Pending notification for SRM Approval to look like initial approval email sent from SRM

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    BMC Service Request Management


    SRM/Approval Server


    Customer is trying to setup Approval notification for Still Pending to look like SRM initial approval email sent from SRM




    As for the specific customization you are trying to accomplish by replicating or mimicing the out of the box SRM Approval notification on still pending, below are 3 suggestions on how this could be accomplished via customization: 

    Option 1: 
    Recycle the SRM new approval notification trigger filter SRM:SDS:Notify_Approvers by adjusting the Run If to include "Still Pending". 

    Option 2: 
    Create new set of filters to fire on Still Pending starting with OOTB filter SRM:SDS:Notify_Approvers. Will have to also create a custom message tag, SYS:Notification Messages, filter(s) on NT Process control to pull in the new Notification Message record if you do not want to recycle OOTB SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification 

    Option 3: 
    From Approval Server create Notication per Process Name and edit the filter created to have the subject and body with the fields available. As you want to replicate the SRM OOTB Approval email, this will require you to mimic what NT Process control sends on the Notify filter for event SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification. The txt file sent on 2/9 which got stripped due to the html has a sample where the body is replaced with available fields from the filter that is created on form SRM:RequestApDetailSignature, I have attached that file again as a .zip renamed to a .piz to this email. 

    Note: All options will require the Approval Process Definition Signature escalations have a Business Calendar set and Pending Still in State set as this will get the Approval Server to update the record to Still Pending. 

    These are customization it is the customer's responsiblity to create, test and validate if you have issues with these customization options you can use BMC Communities as a resource for such customizations as well as our Professional Services.

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