SmartIT and Digital Workplace database set-up in 18.05

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT 18.05


    We are planning fresh installation of SmartIT 18.05 and Digital Workplace Advanced 18.05.

    Earlier version had the database set up so that there was one domain + one schema common for SmartIT and Digital Workplace.

    In 18.05 version SmartIT and DWP are not combined anymore. Do we need to create own db schema and domain for both SmartIT and DWP?



      Smart IT and DWP DB will have different schema.
      For SmartIT, it will like SmartIT_Business and SmartIT_System Schemas
      and for DWP, it will be like DWP_Business and DWP_System Schemas
      For details refer the below docs.


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