How to configure archiving for AR server 9.X

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server




    How can I configure archiving on a form?
    How to enable archiving from HPD:Help Desk form



    In Ar server 9.x there are two ways to configure archiving


    Option 1

    1.- Enter to developer studio in Base Development mode 

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    2.-Open the form that is going to be enable to archiving, in this case is Help Desk Form 

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    3.-Go to the tap Definitions and move to Archive options 

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    4.-Configure the archive option for that form check the status enable, Qualification and the archive description, the qualification can be modified as needed. 

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    Option 2

    Enable the archive Policy in the AR System Archive Manager Console 

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    Note: These procedures can be use to enable archiving for any form you want you only need to specify the form in the configuration for example AR System Email Messages 


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