App Visibility – How to enable Deadlock, Memory pages per second, Garbage collection count, Garbage collection time, and other metrics on the App Visibility Agents?

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    TrueSight App Visibility Agent


    App Visibility Agent for Java


    App Visibility Agent for Java App Visibility Agent for .NET


    How to enable the following metrics on the App Visibility Agent for Java and App Visibility Agent for .NET?

    Memory pages per second
    Garbage collection count
    Garbage collection time
    Heap size - committed
    Heap size used
    Percent of thread pool used
    Permanent generation - used
    Permanent generation - maximum
    Processor queue length
    Processor time
    Requests queued
    Restarted application pools
    Thread count
    Web services duration - average




    Below are the steps to enable these metrics:
    Note: Access to the App Visibility Portal support console is required.  Only perform these steps when accessing the App Visibility Portal support console and do not touch modify any other settings as it could cause damage to the system.
    Step 1) From a web browser, go to the following link:
    where <App_Visibility_Portal> is the FQDN or IP address of the App Visibility Portal server.
    Step 2) Enter the following credentials:
    Username:  admin
    Password:  admin
    Step 3) On the App Visibility Portal web page, click Configuration Link
    Step 4) In the Configuration List table, click ViolationRules
    Step 5) Expand globalViolationRules in the tree view
    Note: If globalViolationRules is not present in the tree view then use a different web browser.
    Step 6) Expand the desire metric (for example, DEAD_LOCK is for Deadlock and MEMORY_PAGES_SEC is for Memory pages per second)
    Step 7) By default, the warningThreshold and criticalThreshold has a value of -1 (disabled/ignore).  Enter the desire value for the metric.  Ensure that the value being used is appropriate for that metric unit.

    For an example of a threshold setting, expand ‘CPU_USAGE’.  It will contain an example of the Warning and Critical threshold settings for this metric.
    Step 8) Click the Update button
    Step 9) Close the web browser to exit the App Visibility Portal support console


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