Client Management - How to use Import device Option from device Groups CSV

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    BMC Client Management


    BMC Client Management 12.9.00


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    How to import devices using CSV file in BCM?

    How to Use Device Import in BMC Client Management?


    Step 1: Copy the the 'import_sample_inv.xls' file from following location on Master server and prepare your CSV file to import.
                C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master\data\Vision64Database\import

    How To sheet has the list of expected values against the respective fields that can be imported in BCM along with their description.
    Data sheet has the columns that need to be updated in order to import the devices in BCM.

    • Create a new Excel spreadsheet file and copy the columns from Data sheet and paste it in to newly created spreadsheet. So, we only have 1 sheet in the spreadsheet with the columns as heading.
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    • Remove the unwanted columns as per your requirement. In this example, we are going to import new devices along with DeviceType and DomainName fields. DeviceName is a mandatory field for the import.
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    • Save the file with CSV (Comma delimited *.csv) format.
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    Step 2: Import the CSV file in to a Device Group
    • Login to BCM console and go to Device Groups node
    • Create a new device group and type the appropriate  name as per your requirement
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    • Right click on the newly created device group and click 'Import Devices'
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    • Browse to the location where you've saved the CSV file. Select it and click Open.
    • The source and destination columns will be mapped automatically. Click OK to proceed with Import.
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    • On the next screen, select 'Create not Existing Devices'. This will create new devices as per the list if it's already not in BCM.
    • Click OK
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    • The device group will show the imported devices as soon as the import is completed.
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