BCM - Need to push a file (url favorite) or Shortcut to each user's desktop using BCM

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    BCM 12.X


    How to push the URL to user's desktop.


    STEP 1: Create a New package.

    • Go to Packages -> Your Package Factory and create New package and provide name to your package.
    • (For reference please follow using screenshots).
       New package using Wizard

    STEP 2:  Add Installation options and path for destination.  
    • On next screen it will prompt Installation Options.
    • Destination: C:/Users/Public/Desktop/
       User-added image

    STEP 3: Once done, Now add the URL file from your location or master location. 
    Add file  
    • Hit Next.
    STEP 4:  Now publish it to master device and create operational rule to deploy this rule amongst all devices. 
    pUBLISH to master
    Operational Rule  
    • And now assigned this rule to the devices and see the output.


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