BCM Software License Manager - Import License file (wrong date format and file format)

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    BCM 12.X versions


    How to fix the Warning message: Warning: The CSV File is not UTF-8 Format

    CSV Warning

    How to Fix the Date Format is not valid in Row 2
    Date Warning


    CSV only accepted in UTF-8 With BOM and Date format strictly like: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss (Hour format should be 24)



    • Our BCM accepting the CSV format in CSV Comma Delimited with BOM. If the file is getting converted into this format then we are good. You'll no longer get any error message with it.
       BOM CSV 

    Step 1: How to fix the Date issue where it returns the Date format is not correct.

    Regarding the Dates which is not accepting so as per our Import_CSV format, the format should be in   YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS which is strongly followed by using the CSV format.  
    • How to Stop that AUTO-Date Conversion.
    • Select the Column of dates
    • Press Control + 1 
    • Click on Format cell -> Numbers -> Click on Custom
    • Type the Correct format as yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
    • This will going to use this format as default or at least for selected column however you can simply drag the cell while entering the dates for your other license information.
    • I noticed that it did not auto-convert the dates into the exact format. So you may need to retype the dates again.
       Step 2: Save the file as CSV Comma Delimited UTF-8 format   
    • Now while saving this file we have make sure that we are saving it as UTF-8 Comma Delimited CSV file (which will going to convert this file into the UTF-8 with Bom)
       Save file as BOM

    Step 3: Verify the file again for extra spaces and file encoding.

    Once saved, it is recommended to verify if it has right format by confirming the same from NotePad++ -> Menu bar -> Encoding.  

    BOM CSV  
    • If it says Encoding as only UTF-8 which means we need to convert that file into the UTF-8 with BOM
    Before saving the file do also verify if there any extra space or comma available in file. Like this: 

    User-added image 
    If all looks then try to import the file in console. It should work without any issues. 

    Step 4: Import the Test file which is attached to this email.  
    • Go to SLM and try to import the license data.
    • Download the attached file and use this file to upload as test .
       User-added image 
    Now it will not going to prompt any warning message at this stage: 
    It auto-arrange the license data
    Now final Output: 
    User-added image

    I hope this information helps to resolve the License data import. 


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