Unable to login to the WebConsole- The Web service module is not responding

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    BMC Client Management 12.6 and higher versions


    Unable to login to the Web Console. Shows following error message :

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    First point to verify is that Web Service module is loaded on the device you have set to be the Web Service Server, by default this is Master device :

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    Then have a look to the "Trusted Address" parameter under Global settings>>External Integration>>Web service Configuration.

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    This field is empty by default, but if you have added at least one IP Address, then your Web Service Server only accept connection from IP(s) set in this field.
    As a consequence u have either to keep this field empty or to set all IP Addresses your Web Service Server must accept connection from.

    Once you have modified the
    "Trusted Address" value, you may have to empty you browser cache and reconnect your Web Console onto http://<Your Master IP>:1611/webconsole

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