Escalation Errors appearing in arerror log

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    ARServer 9.1.04


    Why is the following error is appearing in the arerror log after upgrading to 9.1.04?

    <ESCL> <TID: 0000000821> <RPC ID: 0000000044> <Queue: Escalation> <Client-RPC: 390603 > <USER: AR_ESCALATOR (Pool 1) > <Overlay-Group: 1 > /* Thu Aug 21 2018 10:14:44.2660 */ Error while performing escalation action


    Beginning with version 9.1.04, if an error is encountered during the execution of an escalation, an error entry will be written to the arerror log. This restores functionality seen in version 8.1 and earlier.  You will need to enable escalation logging to get more information on the context of the error. 

    This is in response to the fact that since escalations tend to run "behind the scene" and not in-line with user-facing workflow, then under a normal situation the escalation could go weeks, or even months, without seeing the issue.  This allows the issues to be tracked and more quickly acted upon.

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