Need to create a report in Control-M/Enterprise Manager that displays Jobs with the "None (Manual Order)" scheduling criteria

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    Customer has a need to identify jobs in their environment that are set to "None (Manual Order)"

    This scheduling criteria is set in the job definition by an absence of parameters (such as "Days=", "Date=", "Calendar=",set days of Months, etc.)

    Since there is no parameter that defines this scheduling criteria, there is not a way to create a Reporting Facility Report or using the Find and Update feature to easily identify these jobs, especially in Folders or Workspaces that have large numbers of jobs. 


    There is not a Job Definition Parameter that identifies that a job has been set to "None (Manual Order)"


    RFE QM002053302 has been created to address this issue.

    As of June 2016 there is no scheduled release of this RFE in an upcoming fix pack.

    For version 9.019, you can use the Find and Update functionality to look for Manual folders:

    "Find User Daily Name Is Empty"

    User-added image

    If you need to find the jobs with the "Schedule" field set to "None (Manual Order)", you can use the next condition in the Find & Update window.

    "Find Month Days Is Empty"

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