How to get Hyper-V data in TrueSight Capacity Optimization ?

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    Applies to TSCO version 10.x , 11.x, 20.02


    How to get Hyper-V data in TSCO?


    You can collect Hyper V data using,

    1. Vis parser ETL through Proxy agent setup -
    2. Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization - Microsoft SCOM -

    3. The Microsoft Azure Hypervisor is based on Hype-V, however, the Azure integration does not provide the same level metrics OOTB that you can get with agent or SCOM. It is possible to create a custom integration with Azure to pull additional metrics (see product documentation); however, it is not expected that you will get all equivalent metrics for Hyper-V that you would get from other sources.

    Azure API reference document:

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