ADDM: My scan is on hold and blocked because it requires an access to a device which isn't in the range of the scan configuration

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    ADDM / Discovery 10 and 11 (at least)


    Why is my scan stuck on the status "on hold and blocked"?

    The Blocked Run Information from the status of my scan informs me that it "Requires an access to" an ip address that isn't in the range i have set in my scan configuration:

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    One of the patterns requires an access to a device which isn't in the range of the scan configuration.


    On the above screenshot we can see that the pattern Oracle.OracleRDBMS.Dataserver requires to scan the ip to achieve scan of the ip The problem is that the ip is not in the range set into the scan configuration.

    There are two solutions to solve this issue:

    1- Allow ip per ip:
    - click on the word "blocked"
    - copy the ip address you will see listed in the column "Requires access to" (as highlighted on the screenshot above)
    - add this ip to the ip range of the scan
    - run the scan
    - repeat this until you do not get any "Blocked" status anymore for an inaccessible ip.

    2- Set the option "Allow scans even if no window defined"

    This solution the quickest to solve this type of issues, as it will allow the scanner to scan any ip that is requested by a pattern, without having to add it each of them manually in the range.
    Go to Administration > Discovery Configuration then set the option "Allow scans even if no window defined" to "Yes".

    You will find more information on the statuses "on hold" and "blocked" in this documentation.

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