How to move the Client Management Windows Master to another server - Same name and ip and db remains where it was

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    I want to move my master to a different device, but:
    - name and ip of the actual server will be used for the new one
    - the database will remain on the server it is actually hosted.


    Warning: the following applies when the database isn't moved at the same time than the master and if the new master has the same name and ip.

    1- stop then disable the service of the BCM agent of the master you want to move

    2- copy its install folder and move it to the new server in the same path if possible (else you'll have to update the registry key you will import on the new server)

    3- make sure the relevant database connector is installed on the new master (SQL Server's should be installed by default but you will have to install the oracle client if your master is connecting to an oracle db). Test that you can connect to the db from the master by using command line or any GUI tool such SQL Studio Management

    4- export the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Numara Software" from the old device

    5- import the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Numara Software" on the new device

    6- open cmd.exe as an administrator

    7- create the service of the agent on the new server by running this command from the ../bin folder in the install path of the agent:

       Set the same name than on the source server if possible (else you'll have to update the registry key you will import on the new server)

    start the service on the new device


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