Email Engine is performing poorly

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    ARServer 9.1.x


    Email Engine is performing poorly.  It is taking too long to send out notifications


    Too many records in the Email forms


    First,  ensure that you are using a current build of Email Engine.   If using 9.1.04, ensure that you are on at least Patch 2.  If using 1805,  use any hotfix or patch after Aug 17, 2018.  1808 should be fine.   There was a defect fixed that significantly helps with performance.

    If you are already using a good build, then a common cause of performance issues is too many records in the Email Messaging forms, 

    The forms in question are:

      AR System Email Messages  
    AR System Email Attachments  
    AR System Email Association 
    As these forms get larger, they have an effect on performance.  It is generally a good idea to manage the size of these forms. There is not a specific number of records or size at which performance issues start; rather the more records, the more potential that performance will be negatively affected.  
    To find out how many records you currently have,  you can simply query the forms.   But if there is a very large number of records, your query may timeout before returning a value. In this case, you can perform a database query.  Attached to this article are 2 scripts, one for SQL Server and one for Oracle.  Running these will return the number of rows in each of the forms mentioned above.  
    Once you have determined that you have too many records, you need to decide what can be removed.  
    Which records should be deleted is going to be based on your company's retention policies.  For example,  some companies must keep 5 years of eMails. 
    For the records you want to delete, you can manually delete by selecting records in the AR System Email Messages form, based on create date, that are either Incoming messages or are Outgoing that have already been sent. 
    Out-Of-Box filters that run on    Delete will delete related records in the AR System Email Attachments and AR System Email Association forms.  
    ARSystem ships with an Archive Policy that is already setup for this purpose. From the Archive Management Console, you will see the Policy, "   AR System Email Messages archive all Incoming messages as well as successfully sent messages with specified age qualification." You can change the Policy Age to a value that meets your business requirements to enable the policy. Since Archiving is single-threaded, it may take several days or longer to deleted all the older records.  
    Also, if your retention policy allows, ensure that you have the    Delete Notifications option set for your Outgoing Mailboxes.  You can set the    com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.SaveSentItem setting to False in the Centralized Configuration for    emaildaemon components.   This will prevent Sent Items from collecting in the Email forms.    Note that if you are using Email-based Approvals, you MUST set com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.SaveSentItem to True so that the original eMail is available to validate the ModifyKey.


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