Remedy Smart Reporting - Error "This page can't be displayed" Observed Opening CMDB Dashboard From MidTier

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    18.x and below



    • Error "This page can't be displayed" observed when opening CMDB Dashboard from MidTier Atrium Core > Atrium Core Console.



    CMDB Dashboard is missing in Smart Reporting or the name of the dashboard was changed.


    A. In case the name of the original out of the box dashboard "CMDB Dashboard" was changed, it will be necessary to locate the dashboard with the custom name and rename it back to "CMDB Dashboard".
    B. In case the dashboard was deleted, the out of the box "CMDB Dashboard" can be imported from another environment:

      1. Verify that all the related reports are present in the environment with the issue:  
    - CI Creation Trend  
    - CIs by Type  
    - CMDB - Duplicate Computer System by Token ID  
    - CMDB - Duplicate Computer System Detailed Drill  
    - CMDB - List of Orphan CIs in CMDB  
    - CMDB - Orphan CIs Detailed Drill  
    2. Access to another Smart Reporting environment with an administrator account and click on Administration > Export.  
    3. Select "Dashboard Tab" in "Item to export"  
    4. Select CMDB Dashboard.  
    5. Click on Add.  
    6. Click on Next.  
    7. In case all reports are located in the environment with the issue, un-select all the items in the list and click on Export; otherwise, select all reports listed in step 1, un-select everything else and click on Add.  
    8. Click on Export.  
    9. Select the folder and file name to store the xml file.  
    10. Access to Smart Reporting environment with the issue with an administrator account and click on Administration > Import.  
    11. Select the exported file created on step 9 and click on Next.  
    12. Select "Add new Dashboard".  
    13. In case all related reports are located in in the environment with the issue, select the option "Select a Report" and search for the corresponding report ; otherwise, select the option "Add new Report" and then select the corresponding Data Source, Database View, Category and Sub Folder.  
    14. Click on Import.  
    15. Go to MidTier Atrium Core > Atrium Core Console, the CMDB Dashboard will open now. 
    Note: in case the original CMDB Dashboard or the related reports were customized and the import of the xml file take place, all changes will be overwritten. 


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