Remedy Smart Reporting - How To Change The Default Report Layout From Thumbnail To List

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    9.x and 18.x


    How to change the default report layout from Thumbnail to List?


    The layout configuration for reports is handled inside PersonConfiguration table and a row is registered in that table only when a user actually set this configuration in Smart Reporting making difficult to set the layout to List for all users.

    Layout setting is hard coded to "thumbnail" by default and currently there's no setting either in Smart Reporting interface nor in database that could be applied to all users.

    The only way to achieve this is to obtain all user ID's from Person table which are not currently present inside PersonConfiguration table and to insert a row for each user with the corresponding setting.

    Note: below instructions are a workaround and it should be advised to customer to create an Idea so this option can be added in next versions. Refer to next Yellowfin post:

    1. Create a backup of Smart Reporting database.

    2. Obtain all user ID's from Person table that are not already registered in PersonConfiguration table:
    select * from Person
    where IpPerson not in
    (select IpPerson
    from PersonConfiguration
    where ConfigTypeCode = 'USERCONFIG'
    and ConfigCode = 'REPORTLISTVIEW')

    3. Insert the user ID's with the List configuration:
    insert into PersonConfiguration

    Replace [IpPerson] with the user ID from Person table on step 2. Take specially care in avoid creating duplicated entries.

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