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    I'm receving a lot of mail messages due to a disk whose used space (81%) is higher than the threshold (70%)

    Here's an example of message:

    Alert Error Code: BCO_SCH_FAIL101
    BCO_SCH_FAIL101: A file system on scheduler 0 [host] has an actual usage exceeding the threshold
    file system: /autohome/source - usage: 81.0%

    That disk, anyway, is not critical for BCO server operation.


    Is it possible to exclude that file system from the utilization threshold check?  Is it possible to change the usage percentage before the alert will be triggered?






    Legacy ID:KA397460


    When you see this kind of error, with BCO_SCHED_FAIL101, this is not an alert of an alert rule, but it's coming from one of the "Local monitoring task"
    (Administration >ETL & SYSTEM TASKS >System tasks Edit run configuration Default). There is one instance of this task for each BCO server, exluding DB server.
    In order to fix the problem, locate the task related to the machine with problematic file system and edit the configuration of the task in order to change the threshold or exclude the FS.



    This task gives an immediate alert when it is run and the scope is to be more "proactive" to alert the user that it is running out of space.
    The alert rules usually run once a day and take in analysis a time period. (eg. 7 days for the alert rule out of the box)


    See also Self-monitoring - Alert rule: alert risen also on File Systems not related to BCO



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