When using %%ORDERID, %%ODATE or other system variables in Control-M/Server job, these resolve to the wrong value

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows 6.4.01 and higher


    When using %%ORDERID, %%ODATE or other system variables (as identified in the Control-M Parameters Guide), these variables are resolving incorrectly.  For example, job 00abc using %%ORDERID in the job itself, will return a value of 000xc when used.


    The variable is set as a global variable/autoedit


    Find the variable using the 'ctmvar -ACTION LIST' utility on the Control-M/Server .  Delete the variables using the 'ctmvar -ACTION DELETE' operation.  More information on the ctmvar utility can be found in the Control-M Utility Guide.

    When using a csh or tcsh  shell an  escape characters may be needed.

    This can reproduce this by simply running:
    echo "%%\$DATE"
    DATE: Undefined variable.

    Use single quotes and add an extra backslash the echo command will return the autoedit name value to pass into the ctmvar utility
    echo '%%\\$DATE'

    You should be able to successfully run the ctmvar command like this to delete that variable :
    ctmvar -action delete -var '%%\\$DATE'

    It's the way the shell interprets the $DATE as a shell variable and you have to escape that w/ single quotes, and escape the backslash with an extra backslash


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