Cloud Organization Admin is not able to see the servers/services of his Tenant in new CLM UI

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.x


    for 1 Tenant there will be no Resources (Services, Servers,Activity Log entries ...) shown in Cloud Portal for Users with "Cloud Organization Admin" Application Permission.
    The resources will be shown for these users in the Administration Console.
    The resources will be shown for "Cloud Admin" in Cloud Portal and Administration Console.

    Snippet from the CSM log:

    07 Dec 2018 11:53:04,996 [ERROR] ERROR_FACTORY - [Thread=qtp1328143629-276325(276325)] [Class=CloudErrorFactory:cause] - Got error while formatting error [BMC-CLMT-70000021]. Missing arguments. Expecting [1] found [0]

    07 Dec 2018 11:53:04,996 [ERROR] ES_INDEXING_SERVICE - [Thread=qtp1328143629-276325(276325)] [Class=ElasticsearchServiceUtil:handleQuery] - null Tenant admin group id was not found for tenants : [AGHAA5V0GQ02LAP87ZUH34NR4OUHDS]


    Cache issue


    To fix:

    • Open Group form and confirm about the TenantAdmin record by     
      • Search with the tenant name in "Long Group Name" field in Group form.       
        • One of the two records in search result will have the TenantAdmin details. 
        • The Group ID of this record gets add in CMDBRowLevelSecurity field value for BMC_ComputeContainer and BMC_ComputerSystem records.
      • If it is already there then stop the Platform Manager service (CSM) and clean the contents of cache (keep the BBSA cache) and data folder under Platform_Manager folder on platform manager machine.
      • Start the Platform Manager (CSM) service and wait the cache to build again.
      • Try login on new CLM UI and if it complains - "username is not yet active" then run the sync index call from the legacy (CLM MidTier) console and wait for it to complete.

    Additional information: Refer How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist for How-to videos created by BMC Support.


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