String data from Atrium Integrator is corrupt, it shows as [@B...

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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite 8.x, 9.x



    Create manually a job in Spoon, with a CSV file input and a CMDB output. Very simple, but when you run it, all the data passed looks as corrupted and showing strange characters like [@B... for all field values.





    Legacy ID:KA400964


    This happens when the CSV File Input step is used to read from the data file.


    The 'CSV file input' step by Pentaho has less control options than the 'Text file input', and though is widely used, a general standard for the CSV file format does not exist. Also, as the format does not specify the character encoding used, the 7-Bit-ASCII is taken as the lowest common denominator.


    Always use Text File Input which is a supported step in Pentaho / Spoon.


    The Text file input, by Pentaho also, step is used to read data from a variety of different text-file types. The most commonly used formats include Comma Separated Values (.csv files generated by spreadsheets) and any kind of fixed width flat files.


    By far, this step has more control settings than its counterpart. This step is the same used by the Atrium Integrator Wizards internally.


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