Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter - December 2018 Edition

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    It's the Holiday Season and we have a lot to give you in this month's edition!  We feel so fortunate to have to have you as our customers. Our success as a team is a reflection of your success with Remedyforce.  In the spirit of the season, this month's newsletter is all about giving.  See how our SaaS Success Team spent their time this season in our Member spotlight section, for our Customer Case Study blog read about Hermitage Medical Clinic's Successful Go Live and see their impressive Value Timeline. Check out the BRM corner and join us in welcoming our newest Sr. Business Relationship Manager Ryan Montesano, read the latest Remedyforce blogs to learn about the Salesforce Monthly Tech Updates, and important information on the Salesforce Field History Data Retention Policy. Get Remedyforce Summer 18 Patch 3 information in our Product News, check out & subscribe to our Remedyforce Support YouTube channel for valuable video tutorials and much more!  Please log into communities so you can like, bookmark and comment below. 

    Happy Holidays from our entire Remedyforce Organization!


    Members Spotlight

    SaaS Success Giving Back

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    In the spirit of the holiday season, our SaaS Success Team chose two charities to raise money for and contribute to this year.  It is always difficult to see the level of devastation like the California Wild fires brought, especially knowing how many lives were lost and families displaced. We also know that there are many people that need a helping hand when they find themselves in difficult circumstances.  This year, funds raised by our SaaS family went to; The Red Cross, the deadly camp fire in California is now 100% contained. The Red Cross began its relief response and remains on the ground, providing shelter, food and comfort to those impacted by these devastating fires. And the Alpha House of Tampa offering homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe housing and the tools they need to become Self-sufficient and effective, responsible parents.  Big thanks to the SaaS Success Team for making this such a successful campaign. 


    On a personal level our Remedyforce BRM team members donated their time and efforts in ways that were personal to them for the holidays.  Lisa Kraas will be volunteering this month at the annual Texas Special Olympics Volleyball Tournament as a Referee. She has made this a tradition and loves supporting those who enjoy the game.  Jennifer Schertz participated in the BMC Holiday Toy Drive for Sunnyvale Community Services. Donations were used to send gifts to children in need.  Over 2,000 local children will receive toys and gifts from the SCS Holiday Center in early December. Tina Vega works with a local Rehabilitation center during the holiday season. Every year she and friends take gifts to the patients and Staff. She says, “I do this because when my grandmother was alive, numerous people had no one come visit them, it was so sad. Once she passed, I vowed to come and visit so I do.” Michelle Wettengel Participated in the BMC Elves For the Elderly adopting one of the elders to make their Christmas special. At Christmas, many people think about the children whose families may not have enough money to provide a good holiday for them.  In 2013, the Tampa BMC office started thinking about Senior Citizens who were in the same situation as these children. Since that time, we have adopted 58 senior citizens (including 6 from this year) who are wards of the state and either have no family to care for them or their family does not have enough money to provide gifts for them.  The picture below shows a small portion of the gifts that we and other "adopters" have provided this year.

       Christmas Lisa charity.jpgChristmas pic - Tina.jpgElves for Elders.jpg

                                                                                                             Lisa Kraas, Special Olympics ; Tina Vega, Rehabilitation Center;  Michelle Wettengel, Elves for the Elderly                                         


    Customer Case Study


    The Remedyforce team has another reason to celebrate this season! We love to hear the words, “We are live!!” Particularly when we have a global customer, and this month Congratulations to Hermitage Medical Clinic in Ireland on their Remedyforce go-live! Business Relationship Manager Tina Vega has been working with Wilhelm Pettersson since they purchased Remedyforce in February of this year. They went live with Remedyforce in just a few months.

    Read more here: Remedyforce Success – A Customer Spotlight: Hermitage Medical Clinic

    Hermitage TL.png

    On behalf of the entire Remedyforce team, CONGRATULATIONS Hermitage Medical Clinic!

    If you're a Remedyforce customer and have a great success story to share and highlight to our community, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Business Relationship Manager.


    BRM Corner

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    Ryan Montesano is a customer focused, results oriented BMC’er! He’s joining BMC after 7+ years in the IT field. Prior to BMC, Ryan’s most recent responsibilities entailed managing a national portfolio of clients and their success on two leading products. Ryan’s thrilled to be a part of the Remedyforce BRM group and he’s looking forward to meeting his clients and their respective teams. Ryan enjoys the fast paced industry of technology and is eager to witness the continued growth of Remedyforce!


    Ryan, his wife and their 2 sons; Landon (3) and Lionel (1), live in their hometown of Tampa, FL. Ryan loves the outdoors, exercising, fishing and spending time with his family!


    Things you need to know

    Product News

    Summer 18.JPG

    Remedyforce Summer 18 Patch 3 Version

    Remedyforce Summer 18 Patch 3 (201802.73.176) was pushed to Production Orgs on December 7th. You may notice your sandbox version (201802.73.175) pushed the prior week differs in the build version.  This is expected. BMC identified an issue in the post install script routine which executes during the installation/upgrade process of the production environment. BMC has proactively fixed the installation process issue in the newer revision of Summer 18 Patch 3 (201802.73.176). Hence, the sandbox and production version may differ, however, all the other defects fixed as a part of patch 3 remain intact and no change is expected in any product feature.  No action is required and there is reason to be concerned about the version difference.


    If you have any questions please contact your Business Relationship Manager.


    Remedyforce Winter 19 EAP

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    We are pleased to announce that Phase 1 of the Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program (EAP) is now open!

    *This program is for current Remedyforce customers in production only.


    The Early Access Program lets you get exclusive access and insight into the upcoming Remedyforce Winter 19 release.


    To access the EAP, first you will need to sign the BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement.  NOTE: If you signed the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” previously, you will need to re-sign the new agreement.  The agreement was updated on July 1stto reflect new language regarding GDPR, among other things, and BMC is requiring that all EAP participants sign the new agreement.  Please be aware that the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” is a click through agreement.


    Please be aware that when filling out the Agreement, to use the Company Name that was used on your Support Contract in order to cover all staff who may want to participate in the EAP.


    Pre-Release Agreements (SaaS)


    Once we have the agreement on file, you can then request access to the Winter 19 EAP group:


    Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program


    As with our previous Early Access Programs, we will be offering customers the opportunity to preview a pre-release of Remedyforce Winter 19  in your own sandbox.  We anticipate this phase of the EAP to start mid to late November/early December.  If you’re interested in getting a Pre-Release of Winter 19 pushed to your sandbox, please send your name and email address as we’ll be building our list and will notify you as we get closer to a more stable/testable pre-release.


    We look forward to working with you and getting your feedback!  If you have any questions on the release please contact your Business Relationship Manager.



    Recent Blogs

    In the latest blog by Virginia Leandro she brings attention to a very important change that will be occurring over the next several months now that Salesforce Winter 19 has been released.  Read more here: Salesforce: Retention Limit for Field History Data is now Enforced!


    Virginia Leandro's monthly Salesforce Tech Update read about the Field History Data Retention Policy - what you need to know, Upcoming instance refreshes and much more. Read more here: Salesforce Monthly Tech Update - December 2018


    Vote it up!

    You want to add Facilities or another Business Unit to now have access to the Remedyforce Console as they will now start working tickets. However, when they were clients, they were only able to see certain SRDs (based on the above scenario), however now, as Staff users., they can now see ALL SRDs.

    We need to find a way to allow those 'Staff Business Users' to only see what they were able to see from Self Service and not allow their new 'Staff' profile to overwrite the SRD visibility permission. Ability to Segregate Access to Service Requests in the Remedyforce Console



    Remedyforce Customer Education

    Customer Training Path.JPG

    This document is designed to explore the Remedyforce Customer Education Path whether you are looking to become more familiar with the product or if your intention is to become Remedyforce Certified. From our Web Based Training series to to our Remedyforce Certification, there is a wealth of Remedyforce education to build your skills and set your organization up for success! Get all details: Remedyforce Customer Education



    Remedyforce Support Videos

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    Remedyforce Support has put together a Youtube Channel that we encourage all of our customers to view and follow. It currently has 60 video (and growing) that cover such topics as Pentaho, to How to troubleshoot Remedyforce etc.. Please see the playlist for additional topics here: Remedyforce Channel

    Knowledge Articles

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    Articles from the BMC Knowledge Base: Explore articles from our support experts. Engage (like, bookmark, rate...) on them to let us know how we’re doing.


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