Remedy - DSO - The DSO process gets stuck after having been configured and enabling it

Version 7
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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System DSO v.18.05, v.18.08


    After having configured DSO and trying to make it run the DSO process gets stuck.
    From this point there is no reaction anymore. 
    The DSO process writes out some stacktraces to stdout/stderr. These filehandles are connected via unnamed pipes/fifo to armonitor. But armonitor does not read out those fifos, so the DSO process gets stuck.



    This behavior has been identified as a defect:
    SW00550698 - When the AR System Server stops responding and the  armonitor tries to restart the server, the Distributed Server Option (DSO) process stops responding.

    and it has been addressed in v.18.08 Patch01 as listed in the below article:
    Remedy - ARS 18.08.01 (18.08 Patch01) Corrected and Known issues/defects (AR System Suite)

    Approaches to address this behavior:
    1- If you are on v18.08 - apply Patch01.
    2- If you are on a lower version than 18.08, upgrade to 18.08 and apply Patch01 afterwards.
    3- If none of the above is possible please check the possible workaround below.

    The Workaround has to be applied in two places.

    1- Custom wrapper script for starting dsoj, which is doing the redirect of stdout/stderr.
        # cat
    exec $BMC_JAVA_HOME/java -Xmx512m -classpath $BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/dsoj:$BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/dsoj/ardsoj91_build004.jar:$BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/api/lib/arapi91_build004.jar:$BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/api/lib/arcmnapp91_build004.jar:
    $BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/dsoj/activemq-all-5.10.0.jar com.bmc.arsys.dsoj.DSOServer -i $BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME -m >>$BMC_AR_SERVER_HOME/db/dsoj_stdout_err.log 2>&1

    2- Modification of the armonitor.conf to not start dsoj directly, but to use the wrapper script
    #${BMC_JAVA_HOME}/java -Xmx512m -classpath /apps/wmsti/ar_wms/dsoj:/apps/wmsti/ar_wms/dsoj/ardsoj91_build004.jar:/apps/wmsti/ar_wms/api/lib/arapi91_build004.jar:/apps/wmsti/ar_wms/api/lib/arcmnapp91_build004.jar:
    /apps/wmsti/ar_wms/dsoj/activemq-all-5.10.0.jar com.bmc.arsys.dsoj.DSOServer  -i /apps/wmsti/ar_wms -m



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