Remedy Smart Reporting - Enable "Run Now" Button For Non Admin Users When A Broadcast Failed To Be Sent

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    9.x, 18.x


    How to enable "Run Now" button for non admin users when a broadcast failed to be sent?


    Below steps will enable "Run Now" for non-admin users. However, access to all "Administration > Configuration" settings will be granted also.

    1. Access to Remedy Smart Reporting with siadmin user to the "Default" organization.
    2. Go to Administration > Admin Console.
    3. Expand Roles.
    4. Click on the desired rol to edit it.
    5. Expand Configuration section.
    6. Select the option "Configuration" only.
    User-added image
    7. Access to Remedy Smart Reporting with a user belonging to the edited role.
    8. The button "Run Now" will be now available on reports which broadcast failed to run.

    Note: An idea was raised with vendor Yellowfin to enable this capability without granting permission to all "Administration > Configuration" settings. Refer to next post:


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