Cisco UCS iLO Serial Number discovery via SNMP

Version 1

    The aim of this document is to show discovery team that they don't have to use CISCO IMC API to get the details for UCS iLO serial number without using IMC API.


    Here is the documentation how to configure the UCS and defect file with BMC Support.


    Most all details can be collected through SNMP GET to retrieve server details OOB – where MIBs are available here:


    Available Cisco APIs:


    Please be caution of using API again CIMCs as they are all in PRODs

    Retrieving SNMP Configuration Details


    <configResolveClass cookie="1313086522/c7c08988-aa3e-1a3e-8005-5e61c2e14388"

    inHierarchical="false" classId="commSnmp"/>


    <configResolveClass cookie="1362107065/43d02d50-d6d4-16d4-8009-c979e5e53d50" response="yes"



        <commSnmp dn="sys/svc-ext/snmp-svc" descr="SNMP Service" name="snmp" adminState="enabled"

         port="161" proto="udp" community="" trapCommunity="public" com2Sec="disabled"

         sysContact="who@where" sysLocation="unknown"/>




    BMC support file a defect RFE: DRUD1-24735.