Could not connect to the BMC Client Management server occurs while configuring Track-It! 20.xx BMC Client Management

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    Track-It! 2019 R2


    Track-it! 20.xx versions


    How to resolve the connection issue with BMC Client Management?
    The error you see here is: Could not connect to the BMC Client Management server. Verify the username and Password and try again.


    While configuring the BMC Client Management you may receive the following error:

                            BCM Error


    Please watch the Video tutorial created that contain these steps to configure the BMC Client Management settings in Track-It!.

    1. Run the BcmOobXmlImport.exe by calling the command from the C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC\Track-It!\Tools path.  The command that will be called here is has three parameters to pass: BcmOobXmlImport.exe <ServerName> 1611 password
    3. If you have already set a password for the Default BCM Admin account, then type the same password in the command as  BcmOobXmlImport.exe <ServerName> 1611 newpassword
    5. If you have never logged into the BCM Console then the default password is "Bcm123". The command must then be run as BcmOobXmlImport.exe <ServerName> 1611 Bcm123
    7. Log into SQL Server Management Studio and expand Security-> Logins and Right-click on the bcmdbuser login. In the properties set the password to Bcmuser@06
    9. Modify the Vision64Database file in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master\config and add the following line below the following tag:
              User-added image
        6. Also remove the encrypted password under the "PasswordEnc=" in this file. 

    User-added image
        7. Save the file and restart the BMC Client Management Agent service. Make sure it does remain started. 
        8. Now try performing the Test Connection in the BMC Client Management configuration settings. 
        9. The Test connection should be successful. 


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