Is Control-M/Server able to send out notification when the New Day complete with failure or success or taking too much time to execute?

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    All versions of Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    - Is Control-M/Server able to send out notification when the New Day failed to complete or taking too much time to execute?
    - Is there any alerts when New Day Procedures failed to complete effectively?
    - How to check if the New Day is completed on Control-M/Server?


    There is no notification if the New Day Procedure runs too long or too short or failed to complete
    This is because Control-M/Server processes are all being suspended during New Day and there is no connection to the Control-M/EM as well.
    Therefore, it is not possible to generate any kind of alert or notification through Control-M/Server.

    - Run a script outside of Control-M/Server and at a time which New Day Procedure should have ended
    - The script can call the "prf" utility to display the current state of the Control-M/Server's processes and check the current status of the Control-M/Server's processes
    - When the NDP completed successfully, the value of the PROCSTAT for the process should be "R" which mean Running.
    - If Control-M/Server is still running the NDP, the value of the PROCSTAT for the process is "S" - Suspended.

    - For example,
      CE                 ab8         R                 R                    60                   0
      SU                 ac0         R                 R                    15                   0
      TR                 b98         R                 R                    5                     0
      RT                 b82         R                 R                    30                   0
      WD                a18         R                 R                    360                 0

    Other possible options for scripting:
    1) Outside of Control-M, run a command like this (you could make the dates variable).  You could also grep/find certain key things in that output as desired and if needed compare times and then send some sort of notification based on your criteria.
    ctmlog listss CD 20180620 0000 20180620 2359

    2) Similar to #1 use the command:  ctmudlst list SYSTEM
    This is for New Day itself.  But if you use your own User Dailys, just change SYSTEM to that User Daily name

    3) You could search thru the CE_####_#.log (s) in the ctm_server/proclog directory for lines similar (but not limited to) these.
    0620_07:04:05.580, "New Day procedure started for 20180620
    0620_07:04:15.925, "New Day procedure ended"

    4) A somewhat related command is this that can be used after New Day to verify that all jobs that should have ordered actually did.
    ctmudchk -daily SYSTEM -action list

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