Informatica Cloud CLI

Version 2

    Short description: Module for Informatica Cloud using the CLI

    Detailed description: When users need to start Informatica Cloud workloads from Control-M, and needed web modules to use the standard Informatica PowerCenter interface are not available, the Informatica provided cli tool can be used, such as described in Informatica KB500262 (Windows: and others.

    Task names must be unique in Informatica (the -i option has not been implemented on this module).

    Usual code of the Windows based cli.bat could be something like

    @echo off

    pushd %~dp0

    java -cp runAJobCli.jar;lib\* com.informatica.saas.utilities.plugins.RunAJobPlugin %*

    set rc=%errorlevel%


    exit /b %rc%

    The highlighted lines were added to the tested implementation, as the java return code would not be passed to the calling routine unless it is the last of the file. If other statements were needed, such as the “popd” in this case, the return code would be that of the “popd” and not the java. Please note this for possible needed modifications as the RunAJob cli is upgraded

    Similar explanation can be seen for calling the cli.bat on the Informatica KB533421. (


    Please see fields for descriptions or intended use.


    • Application version: Current release of Informatica Cloud as Nov 2018
      • Log show a call to the v2 api
    • Platforms: This module was tested on Windows, but could probably run in Linux without modifications.
    • Application Integrator version: This module was developed with Application Integrator



    v1. Initial release

    v1.1. Corrected an issue with the "End Job without waiting?" parameter. Now the job waits for Informatica completion when the parameter says "No".