BMC Remedy Date-Time conversion (Internal/External and Vise-Versa)

Version 6
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    BMC Remedy Date-Time conversion (Internal/External and Vise-Versa)


    ArLiteDTMConv Utility help converting BMC Remedy Date-Time values, Form ARS External-To-Internal to Internal-To-External format and Vise-Versa. You can set the result to a variable and then use the variable in your script or when passing as parameter or introduce in any DB criteria for both Window and Linux.


    Please Follow these Syntax to execute this program for Window and Linux,:

    1. Window
    • for /F "delims=" %%a in ('ArLiteDtmConv.exe -d "10-21-2018 19:25:43"') do set intdate=%%a

    echo Internal Date: %intdate%


    • for /F "delims=" %%a in ('ArLiteDtmConv.exe -i 1540164343') do set extdate=%%a

    echo External Date: %extdate%

    1. Linux

    $ more /home/amusa/

    • aa=`/home/amusa/ArLiteDtmConv -i 1540164343`

    echo External Date: $aa


    • bb=`/home/amusa/ArLiteDtmConv -d "10-21-2018 19:25:43"`

    echo Internal date: $bb

    1. To adjust the Number of Hours  differences caused by Daylight Saving or

    Time-Zone +/-  and this usually happened  when converting External-To-Internal

    • Window

             ArLiteDtmConv.exe -d  "12-31-2013 15:27:23" -z 1    

             --> OR

             ArLiteDtmConv.exe -d  "12-31-2013 15:27:23" -z -1  


    • Linux

             /home/amusa/ArLiteDtmConv -d  "12-31-2013 15:27:23" -z 1    

             --> OR

             /home/amusa/ArLiteDtmConv -d "12-31-2013 15:27:23" -z -1  



    • Passing DateTime Format required to be 24-hours (i.e, Format as [mm-dd-yyyy hh24:mm:ss] ),
    • For any suggestion please feel free to Contact:

    Ali Musa, ELRAZI-CORP ROGERS project, Canada, Email: <>],