Customizing Remedy Notification Messages

Version 2
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    This originated to known limitations of out-of-the box notification messages in Remedy.


    In short we customized most of the SYS:Notification Messages and enriched them with additional fields and look & feel.



    As default Remedy out-of-the-box notifications are text only based and based on modules the offering of configurable parameters in rather limited

    In order to improve this customisation must be done to address this topic. On high level the approach is as follows:



         1.Expose additional fields for notification messages for each key module which typically could be:

      • Service Request Management
      • Incident Management
      • Change Management
      • Work Order Management

         2. Push some additional fields into Service Request Management to guarantee that end users will receive necessary information about ticket progress and completion

      1. For generating link to Smart IT you need instanceID exposed in all the modules
      2. Same logic can be applied to generate Smart IT links to INC,CHG,PBM,WO


         3. Introduce HTML formatting into notification messages to create common look & feel of messages and improve readability of the message


    Setup Instructions after you have exposed additional fields


    1. Make sure that built-in MyIT and Smart IT messages are disabled.
    2. All notification messages have identification tag in their description field with identification of module and running number of message:
      1. Example SRM01, HPD15
      2. This numbering can further be used to identify which message to edit
    3. Create Footer templates for each type of messages you need (SRM, INC, WO, CHG…)
    4. Create notification messages with strict HTML
      1. No additional enters or line breaks are allowed – in practice this means that enhanced text editor like Notepad++ is the only proper way of creating and modifying the messages
        1. If you have excess amounts of line breaks from HTML editor will be interpreted as line breaks in most of the mail clients like Outlook.
      2. Message identification tag and clear case explanation (as described above has been placed into HTML)
        1. Example <-- SRM17 – Request Complete-->



         5. Upload predefined headers/footers into Remedy using AR+System+Email+Templates –form



         Note the following:

         Template format: HTML

         Encoding: UTF-8

         Name: Company xxx header (xxx means module)

         Upload correct file using dialog



          6. Modify notification messages in SYS:Notification Messages form of Remedy

      1. Insert HTML into Email message body –field
      2. Choose Email Template name
      3. Save message




              Example of custom notification message in attachment






    Links to requests

    All notification messages without few exceptions contain a link to specific request. Check corresponding module messages for more information about linking. Links SHOULD ALWAYS be considered when creating new messages or modifying existing.

    End user notifications should always link to MyIT/DWP (at least if you wish to minimise use of SRS) – note that other user possessing the link does NOT see the request content in MyIT/DWP