TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA): Recommended Database Cleanup Job run in TYPICAL mode does not honor the retention parameter thus causing more data being removed

Version 18
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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BSA 8.9.02 and below


    After running the Recommended Database Cleanup Job in TYPICAL mode with a large Retention time configured, observed that more data (Job Run Logs, Audit Trail, Job Schedule) were removed than expected.


    Defect (QM002399539) - the cleanup script does not pass the value for RETENTION through to the cleanupHistoricalData command called in TYPICAL mode


    The defect was logged for this behavior (QM002399539), which has been fixed after 8.9.03.

    The attached fixed script can be used with all TSSA versions.

    [md5sum of the script file]
    21182e0e4fe30e216eb34d94128237d1    DB_and_FS_Cleanup.nsh

    - Upgraded environments might still contain older version of the cleanup script so make sure to check the md5sum of the file and replace with the updated script
    - In order to find the script location, please open the database cleanup script depot object in TSSA console to check the "File location" as below:

    cleanup script

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