Getting Started creating a CMDB Syncmapping Extension pattern

Version 2
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    How to Begin to create a CMDB Syncmapping Extension:

         STEP#1:  To create a CMDB Syncmapping pattern extension, first find the "base" pattern that you want to extend.


          There are 2 potential methods. I prefer the 1st method.


          1) To find the base CMDB Syncmapping patterns, unzip a TKU archive file, and drill down to the "TKU-System" folder.   The "TKU-System" folder conains the syncmapping patterns, in addition to some other miscellaneous patterns.




    2) Look in the Discovery GUI, like this:


      Drill down to:  BMC Discovery Operations-> CMDB Sync


    STEP#2: Decide where the new information will go.

                    What class in the CMDB, and which attributes of the class?

                    If you need to add new attributes to the class, do so now.

                   And, after you add the new attributes, be sure to restart the Discovery services so that Discovery finds the new attributes that you added.

                   Otherwise, your pattern will not work at all.


    STEP#3:  If you want to add information from a node in Discovery that is currently not sync'd to the CMDB, you will need to figure out how to traverse to that node from the node in the pattern you are starting with.  Use the "customize" feature to figure out how to traverse to the data you want.  After you get the data, then display the raw query to see the traversal.

    The traversal will be the basis for the "mapping from" statement in your custom pattern.



    More steps to be added later.