Calling all Power Users: TSIM Scalability

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    We do in-house scale testing and have recommendations for TrueSight Infrastructure Mgmt sizing and best practices. If you look here, you'll see that a 64-bit host with 8 CPUs and 32 GB of RAM should accommodate:

    • 20,000 devices
    • 250,000 monitored instances
    • 3 days of raw data
    • 3 months of rate data
    • 40,000 intelligent events per day
    • 350,000 external events per day

    Of course, your mileage may vary depending on environment, technology, use case, etc. We'd love to know what kind of milage our power users are getting using this or other host configurations. If you have tips and tricks you can share with your peers, they would surely appreciate it. If you are willing to participate, please copy the table below and post it into a comment with the values from your environment.



    CPU Cores


    MEM GB


    Data Retention


    Daily Events





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