Filesystem instance label name incorrect

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    PATROL for Linux


    PATROL for Linux


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    Filesystem instance label name incorrect




    Filesystem instances appear with the following names

    20130624134630 u02-oradata-xyz.../oradat/.../DBUPH140! 
    20130624134630 u03-oradata-xyz.../u0/.../oradat/.../DBUPH140! 
    20130624134630 u04-oradata-xyz...//.../u0/.../oradat/.../DBUPH140! 
    20130624134630 u05-redolog-xyz.../redolo/.../DBUPH140! 
    20130624134630 u06-redolog-xyz.../u0/.../redolo/.../DBUPH140! 

    Where as they should appear as - 

    20130624124808 u02-oradata-xyz 
    20130624124808 u03-oradata-xyz 
    20130624124808 u04-oradata-xyz 
    20130624124808 u05-redolog-xyz 
    20130624124808 u06-redolog-xyz 

    In case the FILESYSTEM instance label consists of more than 20 characters, then by default, the display name of the 
    instance label is truncated. The /PUK/FILESYSTEM/dispFullName pconfig variable enables you to display the complete 
    FILESYSTEM instance label. You can assign the following values to this variable: 

    0: Displays the truncated FILESYSTEM instance label if the characters are more 
    than 20. 

    1: Displays the complete FILESYSTEM instance label. 

    If problem is experienced with Fileystem monitors discovered from Linux KM then following ruleset should be applied. 

    /NUK/NUK_FileSystem_Container/dispFullName" = { REPLACE = "1" } 

    After applying this variable restart the PatrolAgent and see if fileystem paths appear as expected. 

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